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Buenos Aires: Cosmopolitan Capital City

It is the biggest urban center in the country. With its metropolitan area, (Great Buenos Aires) it is the second biggest conglomerate in Southamerica and one of the most important urban centers in the world (with all the neighborhoods it reaches 12 million inhabitants). It has a very important cultural activity, full of museums, theatres, exhibitions and libraries, as well as a busy night life full of cafeterias, bars, restaurants and discos. Its exquisite and assorted gastronomy, offering a wide range of flavors and national and international dishes, is highlighted by its famous meat from La Pampa, which is served with excellent famous wines of the mountain range of Cuyo and other local vineyards.

You can easily witness the European immigrant's traces, going from the colorful neighborhood la Boca, to the French architecture in Palermo and Recoleta. You cannot leave Buenos Aires without visiting San Telmo neighborhood, that used to be the main residential area during the early XIX century and then it became the black and mulatto's neighborhood; as well as the riverside, today completely renovated Puerto Madero, the area that used to be the main gate for entering and leaving the country. Buenos Aires is a great city, cosmopolitan everywhere; each neighborhood has its own identity and its special attractions that are worth visiting. Although the distances are big, walking them is a great idea, at least partially.

Buenos Aires is pleasant all year long. Winter is not very cold and is quite short; the temperature fluctuates around 10ºC, whereas in summer it is hot and damp, with an average temperature of 33ºC. Damp percentage in Buenos Aires city is very high, nearly 100ºC. The ideal seasons to know Buenos Aires are autumn and spring.

What can we do there?

  • City Tour

    We will discover the magic of Buenos Aires in a 3 hours and a half city tour in which you will visit the outstanding building of the ancient Council, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Capitol (better known as "Pink House"). The buildings that surround the "Mayo Square" consist of the above mentioned spots. The tour also includes the magnificent areas of Recoleta and Palermo, with their beautiful parks and buildings, the Colon theatre, one of the five most important Opera theatres of the world and many other buildings and palaces of architectural, historical and cultural value. We will visit San Telmo area, one of the most antique districts of the city, as well as the Boca district, with its "caminito"- a picturesque pedestrian street, where you will find its colorful metal sheet tenements. Finally, the tour will lead us to the recently recycled district of Puerto Madero, old area of the Buenos Aires port.

  • City Tour with Sailing

    It is the traditional city tour combined with two hours of fascinating sailing along the Coastal channel of de la Plata river, reaching the stadium of River Plate club and displaying as landscape the attractive view of the so called "city porteña". The tour includes lunch on board of the ship.

  • Tigre and Delta of Parana

    Visit to the Parana Delta, area of subtropical rainforest made of thousand islands and islets, where you will appreciate the generosity of nature in a very singular place. We will leave Buenos Aires City going to the north of the Great Buenos Aires looking for the natural scenery of the Delta and its islands. The way of life the "isleños" (people who lives in the islands) is very special. We will know their costumes, culture and their way of life. We will also see elegant residences located in the residential neighborhoods of the northern suburbs. We will visit San Isidro neighborhood and the Amazing Cathedral. On the way back to Buenos Aires City, we will pass next to the Presidential Residence (Quinta de Olivos), where all the Argentinian Presidents use to live during their Presidencies.

  • Dinner with Tango Show

    Several well-known musical centers of the city offer the chance of enjoying all the magic and charm of Tango, star of the night, while delighting an excellent gastronomy of international level. The show goes through the history of the tango and life at the beginning of last century, with different dance couples and famous singers of tango.

  • Gaucho Party

    It is a visit to a very typical ranch of the Argentinean humid pampas, one of the most fertile meadows of the world and very famous for meat and cereal production. Over there you will be able to enjoy horse ride tours, a "regional barbecue", music shows, folk dances and other shows of gaucho skills, as ring and "cuadreras" races. Most of the ranches have their own museum, where they show their history through different pieces of furniture, tools and elements that belonged to successive owners. Some ranches also offer among their services, the possibility of spending the night there and enjoy some relaxing days.

  • City Tour by Night

    Don't be afraid of spending Buenos Aires night life just like a typical porteño. We will show you around the places where "LA MOVIDA" is, that is to say, the best and trendiest place to spend the night: for example in Retiro we can visit Irish style pubs, or in Palermo, we can walk around the most fashionable boutiques, with the latest in design; as well as the bars, cafeterias, theme, ethnic and ultra modern restaurants. We will also visit Corrientes Street, full of shows (cinemas and theatres). One place you can't miss in Bs As nightlife is the famous Café Tortoni, typical due to its history and porteña tradition. We will also walk around Plaza de Mayo were we can see the civic center and the port area. Finally, we will make a last stop in La Recoleta where our guide will invite you to discover the several pedestrian cafés, restaurants, pubs and discos.


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